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Jude: I humiliate my kids

Jude Law's children think his status as an actor just means he can embarrass them more publically.

The British actor has starred in a series of hit flicks, including The Holiday and The Talented Mr. Ripley.

While he loves taking children Rafferty, Iris, Rudy and Sophia to the cinema, it makes everyone involved cringe when a trailer for one of his films is show.

"That happened to me once when I was with my kids," he recalled to BBC 1 radio host Nick Grimshaw.

"It was really embarrassing, I hid! Of course no one was looking, no one knew. It was worse for the children; they were mortified, all around me. [They think]: 'He's just making a fool of himself on a great big level... not just at the front gate or in the front room!'"

Jude's latest project is Dom Hemingway, in which he plays an unpredictable man who has spent time in prison.

Playing such a complex character was challenging for the 40-year-old, who put on weight in order to portray Dom convincingly.

"This film does have a kick to it, it doesn't let up," he mused.

"It's unrelenting and it keeps you guessing. When I read it, I didn't know where it was going. He's unpredictable, he's a bit unnerving."

Jude is not good at getting himself out of bed in the mornings and is a "grumpy s*d" if he doesn't manage to fit in a run.

He'd love to be able to make changes to early starts, but doesn't think his Hollywood status is quite big enough yet.

"They've got this thing called schedules, I tried to scrap them," he joked.

"I'm not quite Jack Nicholson yet. He insists he has to be at home to watch the [New York] Knicks play live. Every home game; it's in his contract. He's flown back to New York, he watches his basketball. I'm not quite there."

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