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Jude Law: Actors must be professional

Jude Law says actors can no longer party the night before filming and then "stumble" on to a movie set.

The British star has enjoyed success in a variety of films, including the Sherlock Holmes franchise alongside Robert Downey Jr. Jude likes to unwind after a long day of shooting, but is always conscious of the demands of a big budget film schedule.

"Gone are the days when people could drink vodka off-set and them stumble on and do their lines," he told the latest edition of UK magazine GQ. "In a Sherlock Holmes film you're going to get exhausted or injured and you're going to stall a massive engine that's costing a lot of money. Robert Downey Jr. does lots of yoga and Kung Fu. He's become a fitness fanatic and is in incredible shape. I like a drink, a late night and a good meal, but there's no point turning up for work feeling rubbish."

The 39-year-old actor often wishes he had a less demanding workload. Sometimes Jude dreams of having a sleep-in or indulging in his favourite foods.

However, he also admits he misses the strict routine when he isn't working.

"As an actor you crave the freedom to lie in bed and eat what you want, because you're signing yourself over to a schedule, but then when you haven't got it, your life feels out of sorts," he added. "It's fun to be on set, feeling your best and being ahead of the game."

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