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Jude Law: I had a blast in Bolivia

Jude Law found it "glorious" to conga with the president of Bolivia.

The British actor is known around the world thanks to successful movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain.

His fame has perks, such a brewery inviting him to partake in celebrations held in the South American country earlier this year. Photos of his cultural trip are all over the internet, and Jude is still happy to talk about the memorable experience nearly four months later.

"The president finds out that I'm coming, right? And so obviously he gets excited, I get excited. So suddenly I arrive and there's this presidential greeting - [the president] of Bolivia... I get taken over to the presidential palace, there were like thousands of people outside and we go in and they were burning and making offerings in the middle of the palace and throwing beer on it," he recalled to talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

"And then the dancing starts, all the pipes, and I'm thinking, 'OK, I'm gonna join in, this is great.' Dancing around the fire. And it was like, I swear to goodness, like the song that never ends. I start dancing thinking, 'This is great, I'll just do this for a couple of minutes,' 25 minutes later you're still going around."

The ritual is known as Challa, which pays homage to Mother Earth with offerings including beer, liquor or confetti. President Evo Morales was happy to entertain his star guest and Jude was surprised by how involved the politician got with the dancing, leading a conga outside into the crowds.

"It was glorious, my security got a little freaked out," the thespian grinned.

It was a welcome break for Jude, who is busy promoting his latest film Spy. The funny flick sees him join forces with hardman Jason Statham and comedy star Melissa McCarthy.

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