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Jude Law said yes to summer

Jude Law let go of his inhibitions before filming dark comedy Dom Hemingway.

The British actor plays the titular safecracker on the hunt for what he's owed after spending 12 years in prison in Richard Shepard's upcoming movie Dom Hemingway.

To get into character for the dark comedic role Jude let go of his inhibitions and decided to be more open to new experiences.

"The summer building up to it was the summer of saying yes to everything and learning how to release the handbrake. That applied again when it came to performance," he told the November issue of Empire magazine. "I insisted we do the first scene first. I wanted to stroll on set naked and start as I meant to move on. I thought, 'If I can do that with all the few around and not care - be that graphic and vulnerable - then we're gonna be alright.' "

While he looks back at the experience as a "wonderful release" Jude admits he felt run down towards the end of filming. He went out of his way to look the part and took up an unhealthy lifestyle in order to capture the personality of Dom.

"I did get sick of it, though. Towards the end, the last couple of weeks, I started to feel physically sick and drained," he admitted. "I was probably drinking too much at night, certainly drinking too much Coke and eating crap food during the day, smoking 40 a day... I wanted to look like someone who'd just... let go, you know? Not spiritually but physically."

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