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Jude Law shares simple tipple

Jude Law believes people should never feel "apologetic" about appreciating beautiful things in life.

Actor Jude Law says the only thing he requires when drinking whisky is a "straw".

The British film star features in A Gentleman's Wager II, a short film made by alcoholic beverage company Johnny Walker. Jude is easy to please when it comes to his drink of choice, insisting he keeps his order simple.

"I'm really straightforward," he told "I like it large and without any ice. It's such a delicious drink, I like it literally as it comes. Only a straw required."

The 11-minute clip sees Jude racing from Italy to Monaco in order to win a luxury car and villa. While the 42-year-old heartthrob can appreciate expensive vehicles and a lavish lifestyle, he pays more attention to the free things in life. Jude believes beauty doesn't need to be costly and he has grown up finding happiness in modest ways.

"When I was younger beauty was something I felt almost apologetic about because it felt like an indulgence," the London-born actor explained. "But I think more and more it's actually an integral part of your day. It's been more apparent since I've been living in Rome because it's such a beautiful city and you get so much from that on a daily basis - whether it's inspiration or feeling incredibly at peace. You relish the smallest activity - going out for a coffee, going for a walk, going to the shops. Natural beauty is also something that feeds the soul... I seem to be more moved by surroundings than objects."

Jude is eager to pass on his philosophy to the next generations, particularly his family. The father-of-five is happy to offer people advice or help, but doesn't expect anything in return and wishes everyone felt this way.

"It's something you say to your children - 'Do things for others'," he said. "Sometimes that can become a little clichéd but the truth is when you do things for others, it's a warmer personal feeling of wellbeing. A lot of the stuff I've done away from work - with charities and other organisations - has been very uplifting and that's certainly taken me further as a human."

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