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Monday 22 September 2014

Judge Judy wants a UK spin-off

Judge Judy helps people solve their civil disputes on her US show

Judge Judy has revealed she would love to do a UK version of the show.

The New York family court judge, whose real name is Judith Sheindlin, is now in the 18th series of the US TV programme, which began in 1996.

"I would love to do that! That would be interesting," she said.

"But everybody's always very involved in the financial side of things these days. After I spent some time in Ireland recently, I said, 'Gee, it would be fun to come to Ireland and film a week's worth of cases there'. But they get back to budgets and logistics... For me though, it would be fun."

Judy, who presides over civil disputes, admitted she never imagined she would be a TV star.

"Not even in the deepest recesses of my imagination! TV was not in my future, not in my mind's eye," she said.

"I think that my goal, if I had one when I graduated from high school, was to one day be a judge. Somebody asked if I'd like to try it. I was about 50 years old, and I had been in the family court for almost 25 years. Although I loved the court, it's a taxing place to work every day, and I thought that TV might be a new adventure, so I decided to put my foot in and see how it worked."

She admitted the show will probably end at some stage.

"I think eventually I will stop... But at the moment, I feel full of energy, and the programme is still successful, people are still watching and we keep developing new audiences."

:: Judge Judy is on CBS Reality every day at 6pm. The new series starts September 2.

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