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Judi Dench recalls ringtone blushes

Dame Judi Dench made the "disgraceful" mistake of letting her phone blare out the James Bond theme tune on the set of Skyfall.

The British actress reprises the role of M in the latest 007 instalment, which will enjoy a royal premiere in London, UK, tonight.

Judi is proud to be involved with the iconic spy franchise and ensures everyone knows it by having the famous James Bond Theme as her cell phone ringtone. The tune usually crops up before intense action sequences in the movies.

"I am afraid it did [go off on set], yes. It has never done it before, I was deeply ashamed," Judi laughed to UK TV show Daybreak. "I made a phone call and put it in my pocket and we were just rehearsing the scene and having rehearsed the scene, then Sam [Mendes, director] calls everyone in before it is shot. And my phone went off and unfortunately the ring is the Bond theme, so Javier [Bardem, co-star] said, 'And she put the music on as well.' Disgraceful."

Daniel Craig is 007 in the release and has forgiven Judi for the mishap. He always has fun when they are together as they enjoy swapping stories.

"Judi is great, she likes a laugh and a giggle. She likes dirty jokes. Yes she does!" he laughed to BBC Radio 1. "She does have the James Bond ring tone, which she leaves on... it goes off on set."

Naomie Harris has joined the cast of the latest Bond film as Eve. She did a lot of research before shooting began, including talking to some spies. She was thrilled with what she learnt from them.

"I have to say we did interview an undercover agent and he said that I would make a very good spy. He said no-one would suspect I would be a spy first of all and I have the ability to make people say more than they should," she told the radio station. "It'd be cool right?"

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