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Judy Greer: Jennifer Garner is perfect

Judy Greer likes to play the sidekick in movies as she gets to chill the rest of the set out.

The actresses worked together on hit romcom 13 Going on 30 in 2004. While they played frenemies on screen, the women bonded off camera and Judy learnt a valuable lesson from her co-star.

“That was the advent of text messages and she taught me how to text message on my phone. I guess I learn all my technology at work!” she laughed to the American edition of Elle magazine.

The film saw Jennifer’s character become a teenager trapped in an adult’s body. Judy played her high school friend who worked alongside her on a glossy magazine, but was stitching her up behind her back. The 39-year-old has the fondest memories of the movie, and of Jennifer.

“She was so happy to be there. She got there early and would buy Jamba Juice for every single person there. Her assistant bought Jamba Juice for every person on set one day,” she recalled. “I was like, 'Why did you do that?' and she said, 'Well, I wanted Jamba Juice so I just assumed everyone would want Jamba Juice.' She's perfect.”

Judy has made a career out of playing the sidekick/best friend role in films including 27 Dresses and Love Happens. But what started it all for her was 2001’s The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez.

While some actresses would get annoyed playing similar parts on a regular basis, Judy has always appreciated the opportunities that come her way.

“When you're the sidekick you come in and chill the set out. You have your jokes, your funny scenes and then have a couple days off,” she smiled. “And then you come back and have a funny scene again. So when you show up everyone is like 'Yay it's going to be a funny scene today!'"

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