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Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I was dragged to LA

Julia Louis-Dreyfus went to Los Angeles "kicking and screaming" because she couldn't get work in New York.

The 54-year-old star has been acting since the late 80s but it was when she landed a part in comedy series Seinfeld in 1990 that her fame went global.

Having been born and raised in New York City, it was with a heavy heart that Julia upped sticks to the City of Angels in 1986 so she could attend more auditions. It wasn't long before success came her way though and once comfortable, she and her spouse Brad settled down and had kids Henry, 22, and Charles, 18.

“I went kicking and screaming to Los Angeles because I wasn’t getting work in New York,” she told British newspaper Evening Standard. “I remember saying to my boyfriend, who later became my husband: ‘OK, I’ll move here but not permanently and I’m definitely not raising kids here.”

Julia and Brad tied the knot in 1987 after meeting at Northwestern University and she describes their romance as "simpatico". It was during her time studying theatre that the brunette beauty joined Chicago improv-group The Second City, which launched the likes of Tina Fey and Steve Carell, and was scouted by Saturday Night Live. She was just 21 at the time and found it a great opportunity, despite the environment being different back then.

“I had grown up as a teenager watching Saturday Night Live, and so then all of a sudden to be in the cast was sort of head-spinning. These were not the show’s golden years and I certainly didn’t make a mark for myself particularly,” she recalled. “I learnt a lot, but it wasn’t as female-friendly a place as it has subsequently become. The go-to funny role would be a male role, and the female role would be in support of that. But I think that was across the board in entertainment.”

Luckily all her hard work has paid off and fans can currently see her reining as politician Selina Meyer in hit TV series Veep.

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