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Julia Roberts: I hated hitting Meryl

Julia Roberts was riddled with guilt after pushing Meryl Streep over in August: Osage County.

The 46-year-old actress and 64-year-old star Meryl a mother and daughter in upcoming comedy movie August: Osage County.

In one scene Julia is forced to push Meryl to the ground and admits she was ridden with guilt about doing it.

"I was so worried about hurting her and she was such an incredible trouper. We did the scene for an entire day. We were both bruised up and battered and I was like, 'Look at this! Oh my God, I'm just beating up Meryl Streep!'" she laughed to Hello! Magazine.

After filming the incident, Julia couldn't believe how gracious her co-star was being, even while suffering a minor injury.

"She was secretly icing a swelling wrist like nothing happened but never said a word about it," Julia smiled. "She's asking me, 'What's happening to you?' She's more concerned about others and she has a lot more endurance than I do. I love her."

Julia continued to share how thrilled she was to work with the Iron Lady actress. She constantly found herself in awe of her and learnt a lot while in her presence.

"Well, she is the best there is. She is really phenomenal and to watch her up close doing her thing - you're in awe. I, like, everyone asked myself, 'Where does it come from? How does she think of this stuff?'" she recalled.

"To get to watch that up close and to see her be a real-life person, actually working really hard to be that great, it was a privilege."

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