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Julia Roberts is a strict mum

Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder raise their children in a very strict fashion.

The actress is married to cameraman Daniel Moder and together they have nine-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and son Henry, six.

While she could lavish her children with expensive gifts, the 46-year-old instead prefers to bring them up in a very particular way.

"I'm pretty strict. I was raised in a pretty strict way and we want to instil the same principles and values that my husband and I were raised with," she explained to the British edition of OK! magazine.

"But now and again it's great to say, 'Let's do this outrageous thing - let's have an ice cream on a Wednesday!' But you can only have that moment if you have good boundaries around the rest of it."

Julia has appeared in very high-profile movies such as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, which have garnered her global fame.

While her distinctive red hair might get her stopped in the street, her children don't pay any attention to her fame.

"It hasn't really entered into their lives yet," she said. "They're little kids and I'm just their mum. I'm sure there will be things to cope with later in life but, so far, we're rock steady with mum, dad and home life."

Rather than enjoying the buzz of Hollywood, Julia says she feels at home on her farm in New Mexico, because she likes the quiet.

Relishing the domestic bliss her family share, one thing she enjoys the most is cooking for her brood.

"My husband loves ethnic food and I have a really beautiful authentic tagine that a friend of mine gave me years ago," she revealed.

"He likes it when I break that out. It looks fancy but it's so simple."

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