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Julia Roberts: 'My kids are boss'

Julia Roberts has learnt to accept that her three kids call the shots at home.

Julia Roberts' children have taken over the whole house.

The actress and her husband Daniel Moder married in 2002 and have three kids together - twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, 11, and Henry, eight. While the star used to find a way to escape the chaos of family life, she's now given up and accepts her little ones rule the roost.

"I used to have a private library," she revealed to Germany's TV Direkt magazine. "But at some point I decided it's better for books to circulate than gather dust on a shelf. Now my kids have taken over the whole house!"

With roles in huge films like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, the star gets special treatment wherever she goes. But when it comes to her children, they have no idea she's even famous.

"My daughter once came home from school and said one of her classmates had asked her if I was THE Julia Roberts - she said no!" Julia laughed. "That's not a lie to her, because I'm just mum, not a movie star."

Julia and Daniel clearly head up a loving and happy family, with many considering their 13-year marriage quite a feat in Hollywood. While it may look easy, the star assures a successful relationship always requires work.

"No matter what they dig up or claim about us, we've invested a lot in one another," she said. "My friend once said to me: 'If you want an interesting relationship, you have to be up to it.' And she's right."

The pair get on so well, they've even filmed their latest movie, Secret in Their Eyes, together. While Julia takes on a lead role, Daniel acted as cameraman on the flick.

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