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Julianne Hough: Girls stand up for each other

Julianne Hough wishes females could experience more of a "sisterhood" with one another.

The Safe Haven actress is a supporter of the Kind Campaign, which educates females about bullying and how to be nicer to one another.

She recently helped create a one-night camp in LA for the charity and revealed why she feels so strongly about the cause.

“To me, the most important [thing] is that girls should know other girls have their back,” she told

“They don’t have to be in competition. When guys say that they’re brothers, they actually mean that. Girls really don’t have that. They change friends regularly. You really don’t have that sisterhood and I want to be the person to say you can have that sisterhood.”

Due to her involvement in the campaign, the 25-year-old has been educating herself on the matter.

It's really helped her see how she can make a difference for other young women.

“I’ve been to seminars and I’ve read books and it uplifts you so much to where you literally feel like you are floating,” she smiled.

“When you go through something like this with these girls, they don’t feel alone. I felt alone a lot of my life, even though I had my family and I had supporters. I felt alone because nobody understood me. You just have to [know] how to understand somebody.”

Actress Katee Sackhoff joined Julianne at the opening of the new Caudalie store in LA recently.

She also joined in the conversation about the way females treat one another.

“There’s such a cattiness, such a learned disadvantage with women, where we’re taught from a young age that we’re in competition with each other,” she said.

Julianne added: “I am obsessed with girls... I love women. I want them to just own themselves and never have to worry about competing or about being something they’re not.”

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