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Julianne Moore: I feel so lucky

Julianne Moore thinks movies provide answers to questions about human experience.

The 53-year-old actress has enjoyed success with movies roles as varied as The Hunger Games franchise, drama The Hours and comedy-drama The Kids Are All Right.

She can't believe how great her career has been and hopes she will help others identify with the characters she portrays.

"I'm the luckiest person in the world," she gushed to the latest edition of British ELLE magazine.

"I have a job where I'm able to describe human experience. We love to look at ourselves and go: 'What's that about? What does that feel like?'

"I get to participate in telling stories about people's lives so that we can reflect on what's most human about us, which is a great thing."

Her latest role is in Maps to the Stars, a take on the pitfalls of fame. As part of the industry, Julianne is aware of how damaging certain aspects can be.

"There's the idea of fame as being incredibly dangerous," she said.

"It's not about Hollywood per se, it's about people who are desperate to be... acknowledged and recognised. They feel the only way to be validated is through fame, when in fact the only way you can be truly seen is in an intimate relationship - with a partner, a friend, a family member."

Julianne also addressed the difficulty older women face in the fight for acting jobs. She acknowledges there are "always" more roles for men and younger females.

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