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Julianne Moore: Teacher changed my life

Julianne Moore reveals she wouldn’t be an actress if it weren’t for the advice of her junior high school English teacher.

The highly lauded 52-year-old actress has an illustrious career that spans three decades.

Julianne was oblivious to the profession as a youngster.

An educator gave her advice when she was a preteen that allowed her to step into her true path.

“I wouldn’t be an actor if it weren’t for the English teacher I had my junior year in high school,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s the one who told me I could be an actor. I had never met an actor, I had never seen a real play, only high school plays. I didn’t know actors were real, that it was a real job. And she actually told me later that there was only one other kid, she told him to go into radio, and he became a DJ and I became an actor. She changed the course of my life.”

Julianne couldn’t imagine taking on acting as a child.

She believes the experience is rigorous for young thespians at work.

“I think it’s really hard, with kid actors, there are certain hours you have to have of school,” she explained.

“And it is kind of a crazy thing to have to suddenly go do schoolwork in the middle of a work day. It’s a big load. I don’t love the system. It’s not a great system for education or working. It needs to be revamped.”

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