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Julie Bowen: My kids flaked on me

Julie Bowen is "so proud" of her three children for raising money for the earthquake in Nepal.

The blonde actress is best known for playing larger-than-life mother of three Claire Dunphy in hit TV series Modern Family. She currently has a break from filming to spend time with her husband Scott and their offspring Oliver, John and Gustav, but a recent family outing didn't end up going to plan.

"I'm on hiatus with my real family and this weekend we decided to do some good. My children, I've got three kids... We did a lemonade stand to raise money for the victims of [the] Nepal [earthquake, which has killed thousands]. These are not this year's shorts I'm wearing right there," she joked to Jimmy Kimmel of her red hotpants, adding that her children hand squeezed around 160 lemons for the cause.

"We set up, we did it and I was so proud of my kids, they worked so hard. But after like, two hours, which is a long time in the life of a five-year-old, to go, 'Ughhh it's boring.' And I said, 'OK, but hang in there.' Dad had gone to get food... And they were supposed to come back. They left me alone in a canyon at the base of a very busy hiking trail and now I'm the one... I'm an adult."

She continued to amuse the audience by revealing how embarrassing it was for a celebrity, whose "salary you can Google", to be stood asking strangers for money.

On the topic of awkward incidents, Julie also recalled her last basketball game, watching the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staple Center. She and her friend arrived late but rather than waiting to get to their seats, a security guard urged them to cross the court during the game. The situation was made even more uncomfortable when another guard informed her that he had to stop five men from removing her from the venue following her move.

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