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Julie Walters: I’m driven to grow tomatoes

Julie Walters has reflected on her four-decade long career to date, joking her upcoming BBC special is “like an obituary”.

The 64-year-old actress has been a staple of British and international film, television and stage since the 1970’s, so there’s not much she hasn’t conquered. But although writing is one venture she hasn’t yet tried, she thinks she’d probably prefer to cultivate vegetables.

"I've thought about it on occasion,” Julie told the BBC on the topic of penning something of her own. "I wouldn't mind having a go, but no, I'm not driven to do it so I doubt if I ever will, I'm more driven to grow tomatoes if I'm really honest."

Julie’s entire career and life will be showcased in a BBC Two special, set to air on December 24. And although it’ll trace as far back as her early days in classics like Educating Rita, she’s not bothered by the implications of such a tribute.

"It's a little bit like an obituary," Julie admitted. “I'm 64 years old, it's going to go over all my career, and I don't mind."

The star’s international career has involved starring roles in Mamma Mia!, the Harry Potter movies, and most recently, Paddington. She says that while she appreciates the global success, she’s not drawn to it and is happy to remain in the UK industry.

She reflected on a Disney deal she landed “30 years ago”, which apparently didn’t go anywhere.

"It was great. I was paid for doing nothing really while they tried to look for projects and nothing ever came of it," Julie explained. "It was a very generous arrangement with them and they were lovely, but we just didn't find anything."

And Julie’s biggest fans may be just as satisfied as her with her career on British television. When the outlet hinted she’s likely to go down in the history books for her starring role in comedienne Victoria Wood’s parodic soap opera Acorn Antiques, she was content with that.

"That's no problem if that's the legacy. I love Mrs Overall!” Julie gushed of her character. "She's still in me, that's why I'm so round-shouldered."

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