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Julie Walters: Meryl is amazing

Meryl Streep is "like a force of nature" and not at all Hollywood-like, says Julie Walters.

The award-winning actresses starred together in the 2008 musical hit Mamma Mia!, which also featured Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper.

Julie was totally blown away by her Hollywood co-star on set.

"Meryl Streep's amazing, like a force of nature. She doesn't behave like a star and is hard working, with the energy of ten people and endlessly creative," she told British newspaper The Mirror.

"She was incredibly supportive of [director] Phyllida Lloyd who had never directed a film. Films can be very blokeish so it was hard for her to plough her own furrow.

"Meryl really backed her up and when she was getting letters from Hollywood saying 'do this, do that' Meryl said 'just shred 'em'. And Pierce Brosnan I really loved too, he is heaven."

Julie has a prolific film and TV career that spans across decades. The 62-year-old star now prefers to potter around in her garden at home.

"I like being at home, I am a lazy old b****r. The thought of going on to another job at this precise point is awful. When I was young, it was the next job, what's next?" she said.

"I am not like that now, I am more interested in my tomatoes half the time and my raised beds, which are like a jungle now. I have been offered a couple of little things which I just can't do, I want to go on holiday. I will think about something next year maybe."

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