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Juliette Binoche harbours old fashioned view of marriage proposal

Juliette Binoche believes in the "old-fashioned" tradition of a man proposing.

The 50-year-old actress has dated big names such as Daniel Day-Lewis in the past, but has never been married. She has son Raphaël and daughter Hana from two previous relationships and admits she struggles to balance motherhood and her career.

"Marriage? Of course I have thought about it. But the man on a white horse does not happen. You live what life gives you. I think a man should propose. It might be old-fashioned but that is how I feel. No man I have been with has asked," she explained to British newspaper The Sun.

"But as a mother? A mother is supposed to stay at home with the kids. When she has passion for work, there is some guilt. How do I deal with the chaos? It is unresolved for me. You have to trust that life is going to be fine."

Her interview with the publication was based on what she wished she had known at 18. Juliette was born in Paris and she and sister Marion went to boarding school in 1968 after her parents divorced.

The brunette beauty now realises she felt sad growing up as she didn't spend a lot of time with her mother and father.

"I came from a poor family but they were artistic. There were lots of ups and downs and they got other jobs to earn money. I lived with my aunt for a year and went to my grandmother’s each summer," Juliette recalled. "I felt happy as a child. It was only when I looked back that I realised I was unhappy. My mother and I had many arguments about my childhood. We became quite passionate about it. This happens sometimes with mothers and daughters."

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