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Juliette Binoche: Passion isn't everything

Juliette Binoche believes it's hard to "fight" passion.

The Oscar-winning actress doesn't just enjoy starring in films, but also likes to keep up to date with the latest releases. Speaking about the movies she's recently watched, she cited romantic drama Blue Is the Warmest Colour as the last one to really shock her. The flick stars Léa Seydoux as Emma and Adèle Exarchopoulos as Adèle, and follows their relationship.

"I admired the courage of the actresses and, the freedom of Adèle being herself," Juliette explained to Empire magazine.

"It made me jump into the abyss of what it is to go through passion. Passion costs, it is not love, but it takes you like a rage that you can't fight back. I was shocked for three days after."

Juliette, 40, reached a milestone in her career when she took home an Oscar for drama The English Patient in 1997. It was her love of film growing up that pushed her into acting.

"When movies reach you, they are real encounters," she smiled. "They reach something very profound in you, more than books and theatre."

Juliette cites 1928's The Passion of Joan of Arc as the film that cemented her acting passion, but recent movies have also captured her imagination. Gravity, which stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, was one of 2013's biggest hits and also struck a chord with Juliette.

"Gravity has been one of the most exciting experiences as a spectator," she gushed. "I totally identified with the character of Sandra Bullock, I was jumping in the movie theatre when it was dangerous, cold or too hot. The visual effects, the choice of angles, the body language were breathtaking."

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