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Juliette Binoche’s ‘ruthless spell’

Juliette Binoche reveals her sister decided to drop their family name because of the movie star’s fame.

The 51-year-old French actress began making movies in 1983 and she picked up an Academy Award for her performance as Hana in 1996 drama The English Patient.

Juliette credits her early success to the drive she possessed as a young woman.

“I believed in myself, even if nobody else did. There was a confidence in me. My need to express myself was so big. I would call it my fire. My drive. My desire to attack,” she told UK newspaper The Guardian.

“I had a ruthless spell. Because I knew what I was here for. I think that with time I’ve learned to become more elastic and airy.”

But Juliette’s celebrity status proved to disrupt the lives of her loved ones.

The star claims her sister Marion felt particularly overwhelmed by the weight of their notable surname.

“It was hard for my family because my name became famous. So for my sister to go shopping, signing a cheque was a problem,” Juliette shared. “She ended up changing her name. It was a real problem to adapt. There is a natural equilibrium to a family. And when that gets disturbed it stirs up emotions.”

Juliette, who stars in César Award-winning drama Clouds of Sils Maria with actress Kristen Stewart, has managed to juggle her busy career with domestic duties successfully.

She is mother to 21-year-old son André Hallé and 15-year-old daughter Hana and even though the thespian loves her work, Juliette admits professional obligations often complicate her private affairs.

“Friends and relationships – that’s another problem. Fame is very destabilising,” she noted. “But you try to go through it together. My work is important but my relationships are too. It’s not one against the other. My children were not an accident. What I feel I want to do on earth belongs to me, but there is still room for other things. I have to be a mother as well.”

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