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Friday 27 March 2015

Jungle celebs get ratty amid trials

Ashley Roberts got a surprise during the jungle trial
Ashley Roberts got a surprise during the jungle trial

I'm A Celebrity contestant Ashley Roberts earned immunity from being booted out of the jungle camp by watching rats mating on her bed, she has revealed.

The former Pussycat Dolls star distracted herself from thinking about the horrors of being trapped with the rodents by focusing on the amorous pair.

She and the other stars of the ITV1 show had to share their beds with a bunch of unsavoury creatures for a challenge which guaranteed the winner safety from elimination.

Boxer David Haye gave up before cockroaches were even let loose in his bed, and MP Nadine Dorries managed only a few minutes with scorpions and beetles.

Ashley clocked up 155 minutes in her bed, but she was narrowly beaten by campmate Rosemary Shrager endured one minute more after falling asleep while soldier crabs roamed her bed. But when the scores were added to previous "Bush Buddy" challenges, Ashley was declared the winner.

Eric Bristow, Dorries, Colin Baker, Charlie Brooks and Helen Flanagan were left to face the public vote, while the other stars were given immunity.

Viewers tonight saw Hugo Taylor complete his first Bushtucker Trial which saw him face his fear of confined spaces.

The Made In Chelsea star had to collect stars from sewer pipes which were infested with critters and pythons. But Hugo conquered his demons to win nine meals for the camp.

Eric had been in a bad mood, upsetting Helen with a comment about her complexion. After criticising her diet, he told the former Coronation Street star: "That's what done your skin, all that s*** you're eating."

She later sobbed: "I love everyone in camp but I'm really sensitive about my skin. I know it sounds really stupid, I can't believe I'm crying. It just gets to me because I feel conscious enough because I haven't got any make-up."

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