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Juno ‘more afraid of guns than nudity’

Juno Temple believes violence is way more depraved than seeing someone naked.

The 24-year-old British actress has engaged in racy sex scenes and other salacious activity in previous films like Horns and Lovelace.

But she believes violence is far more harmful than nudity.

"I've always been more afraid of picking up a gun than taking my clothes off," Juno told UK newspaper the Independent, before noting she does impose limits on her sexual expression.

"But I don't like gratuitous nudity because it distracts people. If there's a great speech being delivered and a beautiful pair of boobs, you're going to look at those boobs."

Juno was born in London to a director father and a producer mother, and the star currently resides in Los Angeles.

She admits being so far away from her relatives can be challenging.

"I miss my family desperately. I'm a very family-oriented person,” Juno explained.

“But LA feels like a safe place because my godparents are here and my parents know it. Sometimes I'll say, 'I'm going to this restaurant or that bar on this street'. They'll say, 'We remember being there'. It makes me feel safer."

The Maleficent thespian is currently making herself comfortable in the City of Angels, despite her waves of homesickness.

"I live with my boyfriend in this lovely little house,” Juno shared.

“We cook, listen to records. He writes a lot and I help him write things. I do a lot of thrift-store shopping, I love things that have a story. I love being here when I have downtime. LA can be incredibly relaxing – but it also caters to you so well when you are hungry for work."

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