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Justin Bartha joined drama club for dates

Justin Bartha has joked he only became an actor because he decided against joining the chess club.

The actor starred as Doug in The Hangover franchise and also portrayed half of a gay couple on TV show The New Normal.

Although he has enjoyed success, things were almost very different for Justin. He only turned to acting after suffering a devastating injury at school.

"I broke my wrist trying out for my high school tennis team and needed something to do. The drama department had cuter girls than the chess club," he laughed to Da Man magazine.

"My best work was probably in the classroom. It’s been all downhill from there."

Justin had a role in 2003 movie Gigli, which was panned by critics and starred Jennifer Lopez and her then-fiancé Ben Affleck. Although he is a little embarrassed about the release, Justin tries to be philosophical when thinking about it.

"It was an incredible experience. At the time, I was heartbroken. But you have to put that sh*t in perspective," he explained. "I was a 21-year-old kid who got to realise his dream. Nobody sets out to make a bad movie and I learned more about the film industry on that movie than I’ve learned on every job since then combined."

The Hangover movies follow the exploits of a group of friends, played by Justin, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. The pals' high jinks are legendary and have included stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson and getting facial tattoos.

However, in real life the 34-year-old insists he isn't such a wild man.

"I moved out of Florida when I was nine years old, so my partying was delegated to the KB Toy store that I lived near," he deadpanned. "Otherwise, my idea of a crazy good time is usually relaxing with family and maybe cooking up some tasty meals. Although it should be noted that my favourite ingredients to cook with are ecstasy, tequila and strawberry-flavoured lube."

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