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Justin Bieber: Hiding love is unhealthy

Justin Bieber says that it would be "unfair and unhealthy" to hide his relationship with Selena Gomez.

The lovebirds have been dating for over a year now and have been seen being very affectionate in public and travelling the world together.

But the 18-year-old teen heartthrob opened up to Complex magazine and talked about the "growing pains" of fame and having a love life.

"There's no way to hide the relationship completely, because then it would be unfair to us," Justin told the publication.

"It's like, 'You take this car, and I'll take this car, and then we'll meet up at the spot. Then, you go in this door, I'll go in this door. We'll end up crossing ways. You get back in this car. We'll cross over, do a James Bond. You go through the kitchen. I'll go through the back area. Then we'll meet in the dressing room and see each other.'

"At that point, it's not even a relationship. You're just hiding from everyone. That's unfair and unhealthy, man."

But Justin says that even though he is now one of the most photographed young men in the world, he still is not accustomed to being snapped by the paparazzi.

"I'll be covering my face and it p***es me off so much when people say, 'Get over it, Justin. You're famous. People are going to take your picture. Suck it up, you're rich' It's like, 'Yo, I just got off an eight-hour flight,'" the Baby singer explained.

"'I'm tired and my eyes have bags under them. I'm not trying to take pictures. I'm not going to come to your house, wake you up, and start snapping your picture.'"

Justin also makes it clear that because of the sacrifices he has made in his young life he is determined never to be a mediocre performer.

"There's no point in doing this if I'm not going to be the best," he said. "I give up a personal life. I give up my friends and family to pursue what I love and to make my fans happy. Why would I give up so much to be just another singer? I feel like it's my responsibility to be the greatest I can be."

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