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Justin Bieber: I feel manly

Justin Bieber is all grown up and starting to feel like a man now that he's turned 18.

The pint-sized pop star has a legion of female friends around the world and is already worth over $100 million.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the Boyfriend singer says he is eager to shed his good boy, teen image.

"I'm definitely more mature," he told the publication. "I feel like I carry myself in a more manly way. I don't carry myself as a boy."

But Justin's manager Scooter Braun believes that the performer still has some growing up to do.

"When he's being a prick, it's not because he's famous," Scooter said. "He's being a prick because he's a kid."

Justin, who is dating Disney star Selena Gomez, says he has it down with regard to how to treat a woman and is big on romance.

"I make sure to do the little things," he shared. "Like noticing when they get their hair done, or when they change their nail colour. Also saying things all the time like, 'You're very pretty,' 'You're gorgeous,' things like that."

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