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Justin Bieber: I'm approachable

Canadian singer Justin Bieber insists people aren't afraid to approach him in bars.

Pop's former bad boy Justin Bieber thinks it's easy to approach him because he "disarms" people.

The Canadian singer made a bit of a rep for himself in the music industry when he had run-ins with the law, including egging a neighbour's home and driving without a licence. He's since apologised for his mistakes and is winning people over with his catchy new tracks.

Justin insists his fame doesn't intimidate others because he makes an effort to be warm and open.

"I think I disarm people," he told BBC Radio 1, adding that people do approach him in bars. "I just look in their eyes and smile and that makes it easier, like they're just talking to a boy."

Justin turned 21 - the legal drinking age in most American states - this year (15) so is still getting to know his favourite tipples. He likes a pint of beer and tequila, although he thinks it's a shame the spirit doesn't go with any mixers.

The star is always posting snaps of himself on Instagram when he's out and about but he insists it's not a true representation of anyone's lives.

"I think Instagram is (to) show your best and hides the worst," he mused. "It's like, how much fun are you really having, or did you say: 'Hey guys, act like you're having the best time!'" He also gave some tips on taking the best selfie, warning people not veer into Zoolander territory.

Justin has done a lot of growing up lately and said he's now "done apologising" for the mistakes he made as a teenager. He's learnt to distance himself from the opinions of others and is much happier for it.

"If you are so invested in people loving you that people start hating you, you're gonna die by the hate," he philosophised. "So I try to be neutral and yeah, I have amazing fans, I love them and we have an awesome relationship, but I try not to be so invested to the point where if this person doesn't like me, it's the be all end all. If I see something in the tabloids, OK, it sucks that they said that, but I'm still gonna drink my beer."

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