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Justin Bieber to release 'edgier' music

Justin Bieber will "definitely surprise people" with his new material.

The 18-year-old teen pop sensation is preparing to release his new track Boyfriend.

Co-author and co-producer of the song Mason Levy is excited to see audience's reaction to the song, as he believes that Justin is entering uncharted territory.

"This record is different in a very good way," Mason told MTV News. "Definitely edgier, it's more grown-up, it's more developed and it's sexier. It's just like really dope. It's gonna definitely surprise people. People aren't really expecting that they're going to like it."

Mason is sure that Justin's new mature sound will appeal to youth and adults alike.

"It's more of something that everyone can drive around and listen to it, whether they're guys or girls or older," Mason revealed. "It's more just the verses [that he raps on] and the rest he's singing. It's dope. It's hip-hop, but with great acoustic R&B, pop guitar with very hip-hop, clubby drums and really dope Justin Timberlake-y melodies."

Mason enjoyed working with Justin on the project, as the star was deeply involved in the creative process.

"We got together and started messing around. It was one of those things where you didn't have to struggle too much. It just kind of happened," he explained. "He always goes in and does melodies and he's involved in lyrics and everything."

Mason thinks fans will be delighted with Justin's range in his new work.

"There's definitely lots of diversity on the album," Mason shared. "There's really ballad-y stuff and there's more stuff like this. I would say [Boyfriend] is harder. He's very open to everything."

Boyfriend will be released on Monday March 26.

Justin's new album Believe will hit shelves later on this year.

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