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Justin Bieber was child rapper

Justin Bieber could rap by the time he was eight.

The 18-year-old singer is known as a pop star but is trying to make his sound more mature at the moment. He explained moving into hip-hop would be a natural step for him as it's a genre he has loved for over a decade.

"I grew up listening to different things. My dad loved Tupac, so he introduced me to Tupac when I was really young. I could spit a Tupac verse when I was like eight years old," he explained.

"I think that guys are starting to like my music more. I think that older ladies are starting to like my music more."

Justin recently moved into his own home, which he shares with a friend. He's excited to have space to himself but assures his fans he hasn't been going too wild.

"I just got my own place. I'm not going crazy, I am running around naked in the house often. That's what you have to do when you get your own place, you feel comfortable going to get some cereal butt naked," he laughed on radio programme The Angie Martinez Show.

Although Justin cooks occasionally, he never washes his own clothes as he "doesn't have time" for laundry.

The teenager also spoke about how he goes incognito while out and about. There are certain places he can go where people don't bother him, although in others he has to take steps not to be bothered.

"I never put on a disguise. One time I went to Venice Beach [in Los Angeles] and I wanted to skateboard and I put on a mask. There's a bunch of people who are crazy there so I was just rolling in a masque on a beach and no one bothered me," he said.

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