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Justin Bieber: Young stars should think twice about fame

Justin Bieber thinks being a child star is “the toughest thing in the world”.

Justin Bieber has cautioned young wannabes who are keen to follow in his footsteps, insisting child stars have it tough.

The pop singer became an overnight sensation at 13 when his hit Baby shot up the world's charts, and he became a teen idol for armies of so-called 'Beliebers'.

Now 21, Bieber has successfully transitioned from teen pop pin-up to grown-up chart-topping R&B singer thanks in part to the success of his What Do You Mean? single.

Reflecting on his rise to the top eight years ago, Justin tells Billboard, "I wouldn’t suggest being a child star. It’s the toughest thing in the world."

He admits his experience has turned him into an advocate for other young stars, struggling with teenage fame, and he's urging the media and music fans to be kinder to those starting out at an early age.

"I want people to be more kind to young celebrities," he says. "Like Kylie (Jenner). Look at her world. She has been living on TV since she was a kid. Every time she’s looking around she sees a camera, and that’s affecting how she’s thinking and how she’s perceiving people and why she has to do certain things...

"Situations that happen taint your mind, especially in this industry. Especially for girls."

And Bieber is also keen for journalists and fans to stop obsessing about the way people look: "Everything is so (based) on people’s looks and stuff... Look at the statistics on how many child stars have crumbled and turned out to be wack jobs. It’s because it’s f**ked, bro, this lifestyle."

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