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Justin Theroux: I can't say my own name

Justin Theroux often jokes with his cousin about the way they both pronounce their surname.

The 42-year-old actor - and fiancé of Jennifer Aniston - is happy to have a surname which can be difficult for people to say, although it comes with some issues. His cousin is British documentary maker Louis Theroux and the two guys often discuss their moniker.

"It is Therroo. Me and Louis have a joke about it, why we pronounce it differently," Justin told British magazine Esquire, adding he says 'Therroh'. "The older generation, my uncles, my father, all say Therroo. There's always a humiliation when I go to Paris, and the person checking me in pronounces my name better than I do."

Justin has been busy shooting his new TV show The Leftovers in New York City recently. Lost's Damon Lindelof is involved in the project, prompting the actor to give some very definite ideas about television.

"When I started working with Damon I'd seen the first season of Lost but I thought I would follow it through. So I watched about six of them and said, 'How many of these are there? About 200? I've got a f**kin' job!'" he laughed. "But there is nothing worse than people starting conversations about shows you haven't seen. That and talk of YouTube should be prohibited at social gatherings."

The Leftovers is about a series of strange disappearances and follows a group of people who are left behind and must try to rebuild their community. Justin's character is called Kevin and he has taken an unusual approach to preparing for the role.

"I get my scripts as close to the day of shooting as possible, to keep it as fresh as possible," he said. "If you know your entire arc, you can lose interest in playing it. I kind of like building the bridge out without knowing what the other shoreline looks like."

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