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Justin Theroux suffered scuba diving scare during honeymoon

Justin Theroux nearly died while celebrating his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston's new husband Justin Theroux's post-wedding bliss almost came to an abrupt end on his honeymoon after he ran out of oxygen during a scary scuba diving trip.

The couple wed in August (15) and jetted off to Bora Bora with a group of friends to enjoy a luxury getaway, but one excursion to explore an ocean reef turned into a disaster and almost cost the actor his life.

"I went scuba diving and you get a little training course, where you go down about 10 feet and you see coral and little fish," Justin explains. "I thought, 'That's great, I'll do it again'."

The Leftovers star signed up for another trip, which took him and a pal further out into the Pacific Ocean, but he had a bad feeling at the start of the dive after discovering their French guide spoke hardly any English and took little notice of the fact Justin was a novice.

"The next day, we go out on a boat and there's this French guy named Jean or something, there was no communication - we could not talk," he recalled on U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly and Michael. "I have only done this once and he's like, 'Yes, but you are very sporting...' So he puts the (oxygen) tank on me and someone had just used my tank before me, and I went down...

"We're going around and we're going really deep... I look at my (oxygen indicator) and it's on red, basically. I swim over to (the guide) and I start tapping the thing and showing it to him and he says, 'Keep swimming, keep swimming...' I'm like, 'Alright...' I'm trying to enjoy the manta rays and all this, but I'm distracted because I want some oxygen!"

Justin reveals the expert just kept "swimming away" from him, so he turned to his friend to express his worries.

"I just wanna go up...," he remembers. "I go to my friend and I'm like (indicating with eyes), 'Look', and he's like, 'Oh my God, you're about to die...!' It's just sheer panic in my eyeballs!"

The actor finally managed to convey his panic to the instructor, who provided him with an emergency oxygen mask, but the switch was far from smooth.

"I can't just swim up to the top because I don't wanna get the bends (decompression sickness), so he pulls the respirator (sic) out, puts it in my mouth, hits this 'clear' button which sends all these bubbles out, sends water down my throat, so now I'm coughing and hacking under water, which is not a great feeling...," Theroux added. "Your brain goes to this crazy place, like, 'Oh my God, this is like some plot to kill me on my honeymoon...!'

"Finally, he rolls his eyes and we go up slowly. I'm just looking at him, mask to mask, I'm just like, 'I'm gonna murder this guy! The minute he comes up I'm just gonna throw the biggest haymaker (punch).'"

After safely returning to dry land, Justin learned the guide had been hesitant to bring them all up to the surface as it would have taken them longer to swim back to the boat with all of their scuba gear. But Justin made it clear he wasn't happy with the instructor, adding: "I got on the deck and threw my gear, like, slamming everything down."

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