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Justin Theroux’s ‘tabloid avatar’

Justin Theroux thinks it’s bizarre to see fictional stories about his love life published in the news.

The Leftovers star began dating actress Jennifer Aniston in 2011 and the pair became engaged to wed in 2012.

Their alleged love life has grabbed headlines in scandal sheets around the globe for years and Justin thinks the bogus stories generated by news outlets are bizarre.

“It’s almost like you have this avatar running around in the world who’s the most dramatic person on the planet, and everything is going right or wrong for that avatar, and you can either pay a lot of attention and get really frustrated, or you can sit back and laugh and have a chuckle, you know, as you pass the magazine stand in the airport and go, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that was happening,’ which is, I think the better way to deal with it,” he told Deadline.

Justin used to paint murals often.

Although he doesn’t draw or paint as much as he did in the past, the star still manages to find time for the hobby

“I’ve recently started keeping a sketchbook again, due to the encouragement of my friends, and it’s been really lovely,” he shared. “Actually, here in Austin, we’ve put together a little craft day, me and some of the cast, and so we all get together and do the craft of our choice. A crafty afternoon. It’s nice.”

Justin’s The Leftovers co-star Amy Brenneman once commented on his powerful ability to bring raw vulnerability to his character Kevin Garvey.

But the star doesn’t necessarily believe he’s any more emotional than the average guy.

“I think in life we’re vulnerable, or human beings are vulnerable, or men are vulnerable,” Justin said. “I think it’s just a question, you know, choosing when you let that mask slip off, which I think all men do, they just usually don’t do it in front of people. But the situations that we’re put in on our show demand it.”

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