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Justin Timberlake: my bedtime treat was watching Cheers

Justin Timberlake's bedtime treat was watching Cheers when he was growing up.

The multitalented star is currently flying high in both the music and movie industries, promoting new flick Runner Runner and his latest album The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2. Justin grew up dreaming of appearing in a TV comedy and still can't believe how his life turned out.

"I am glad I decided to become a musician first because it is like nothing else. Growing up I thought for sure that I was going to be some sort of comedic sitcom actor. My treat before bedtime was to stay up at the news and watch Cheers, Three's Company or Sanford and Son with my parents. Being that type of actor is what I wanted to do," he told British newspaper The Metro.

"But you can never fathom how a career is going to pan out and certainly, where I am now, I really don't want to squander this sort of luck."

The 32-year-old stars in Runner Runner alongside Ben Affleck. Justin has explained why he has actively chosen to land supporting roles in his movie career so far.

"I have enjoyed playing the antagonist, probably because I get to play the protagonist in my music so much," he said.

Justin also spoke about his latest musical offering. The first part of the record, The 20/20 Experience, was released back in March and topped charts all over the world. This second instalment has a darker feel, and Justin wants fans to listen to the album in full without interruption.

"I want people to put it on and not touch it, and leave it to play for an hour," the star said. "The sequence is important; in a loose, linear fashion you can tell a bit of a story of a story in your album."

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