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JWoww: I want crazy Europe trip

JWoww wants to go "balls to the wall" on a crazy trip to Europe before she settles down.

The Jersey Shore star wants to carry on partying and see the rest of the world before she thinks about marriage or children. Seeing her co-star Snooki go through pregnancy has been enough to put JWoww off the idea for a while.

"I want to do a Euro trip before I have a baby. I wanna go balls to the wall in Europe! Go crazy! You can't do that if you've got a baby with you," JWoww told Access Hollywood.

The star - real name Jennifer Farley - has been in a relationship with Roger Mathews for two years.

In his first appearance on live TV alongside his feisty partner, Roger is slowly adjusting to being in front of a camera.

"This is Roger's first live segment on TV and he's really nervous." JWoww joked. "We met before season one of Jersey Shore. We were actually already hanging out in season one but you didn't see it on screen as there was no storyline then. He had no choice but to adjust!"

Although she has no immediate plans, JWoww hopes for marriage and babies one day. Roger shares her sentiments and the couple are happy taking things slowly.

"We thought about it but because we live with each other it takes the pressure off getting married," JWoww said. "You want to get used to them, live with them first. It's like the early 19th century version where you kiss, get married and then live with each other which is when you figure out the bad things. We don't want that!"

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