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JWoww: I will come at you!

JWoww has fired back at those who slammed her for dressing up her baby daughter Meilani in “quirky” outfits.

The 28-year-old came under fire this past week by a number of media outlets after she posted a photo of she and partner Roger Mathews’ six-month-old daughter Meilani dressed up with fake breasts and other items to make her resemble her parents. Now she’s shot back, slamming the same outlets for “bullying” her for click bait.

“I will come at you. I have no problem calling these people out to their face,” JWoww said in an interview with

She then made reference to a tweet posted by In Touch magazine which asked followers whether they thought JWoww “took it too far” with the dress-up images. The Jersey Shore star, real name Jenni Farley, had plenty more to say in her own defense.

“I got a lot of people loving the fact that Roger and I dress our daughter up and do fun quirky things,” she said, adding: “It’s all about how people post to get a reaction. The majority of the wording is, ‘oh my god, that’s so cute!’”

But it was the widespread negative reaction to the photo of the little girl with spiked hair and chocolate on her face to “make her look more like Roger” that got under JWoww’s skin. In Touch’s post caused her to speak out.

“[It] really pushed me over the edge. Even though Roger was like, ‘you shouldn’t give them the time of day,’ I’m like, ‘no their wording is disrespectful.’ It’s disrespectful because you’re probably not a parent… you’re just trying to get people riled up but you’re disrespecting me as a mother and you’re trying to question my ability as a mum,” JWoww explained.

“It goes back to online bullying. You think you can say things because there’s no consequence because you’re on a computer, and I stand up for that. That’s what I try to teach all my fans and friends and hopefully Meilani will have the same backbone… you just have to feel confident in what you do in yourself and parenting skills and anything because you’ve got to own it.”

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