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JWoww: Labour pains freaked me out

JWoww has discussed her labour, which was "God awful".

The former Jersey Shore star, real name Jenni Farley, and her fiancé Roger Mathews welcomed their daughter Meilani into the world on July 13. The 28-year-old has now opened up about her delivery, which didn't go as she'd planned.

"Dude, my birth was like god awful! OK I had an epidural, I went to bed, then the epidural wore off and when it wore off I was freaking out," she told HuffPost Live.

"I ended up being four centimetres dilated and they were like, 'It's going to take a while, you're not feeling pain you're feeling pressure.' 'No guys, I'm honestly feeling pain.'"

JWoww's labour progressed much quicker than is usual. The anaesthesiologist was summoned to give her another epidural as she was so uncomfortable, but by the time he reached her she was seven centimetres dilated. The medication takes between ten and 20 minutes to work, so before it had even kicked in she was ready to give birth.

"I became ten centimetres dilated and she was out in six to seven minutes so I had what's called rapid delivery. So from four to ten centimetres in less than an hour she was out," the star explained.

"She like walked out, ran out took everything with her. And I felt it all. It was the worst pain in the world so I'm so scared to get pregnant again because I'm going to literally have my anaesthesiologist next to me from beginning to end like pumping me full. I cannot take that pain."

JWoww added that one good thing about the speed with which things moved was that her daughter arrived so quickly she didn't have "a conehead".

The outspoken star was also happy to discuss her intimate life, stating she is yet to have sex with Roger. The pair didn't really sleep together during her pregnancy as she felt too "fat and gross", but that will need to change as JWoww does want another baby.

"Even before Meilani arrived, we’ve always said that we’d have two," she said, adding she and Roger have chatted about adoption.

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