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JWoww recalls parachute proposal

Jenny "JWoww" Farley was "hysterically crying" when she jumped out of a plane with her fiancé Roger Mathews.

The Jersey Shore star and her long-time boyfriend recently got engaged.

JWoww reveals that Roger popped the question in quite an unusual fashion.

The proposal was made after a skydiving adventure.

"He said he tucked [the ring] 'down there', " JWoww recalled to MTV News.

"He made us actually wear those suits and I was like 'why are we wearing these like weirdo suits?' Like the parachuting suits so he could hide it because you actually can go in normal clothes, but he was like, 'No, no, I want you to wear the suit,' so he could have a place to manoeuvre it.

"It was funny though because he thought he only had a couple seconds before I was to land so he had to rip off his suit and go digging for the ring box and I actually took a couple more minutes then he thought so he was just on a knee for a while. I was hysterically crying. I hate heights."

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