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Kaling: I’m no dating guru

Mindy Kaling doesn’t think she has the experience to counsel anyone on love life matters.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Mindy Kaling goes out of her way not to offer anyone dating advice.

The 36-year-old actress had a lengthy on-off relationship with her The Office co-star B.J. Novak over the past few years.

But currently single Mindy insists she is most definitely not qualified to be giving anyone tips on relationships.

"No one needs a late bloomer in their mid-30s telling other people how to date," Mindy told People magazine. "I go out of my way not to do that in my book."

Mindy added her romance history has only seen her date people she has worked with or been educated alongside.

“It's like I need to be pressed into a mandatory situation with someone for many years in order to develop romantic feelings," she said. "So that's not very helpful for other people.

"As someone who is probably classified by many people as a know-it-all, this would be one area where I truly cannot. And I wish I could because I do have single friends and I have a lot of fun and interesting people in my life, but I am completely not helpful at all in this regard, which is terrible."

Mindy has achieved worldwide fame thanks to her stint on the American version of hit comedy The Office and her new show The Mindy Project.

But when it comes to her personality in real life, she often struggles to contain her anxiety.

“I can be a very anxious and high-strung person," Mindy said. “I have a very good close friends who help keep things in perspective for me. They're good about taking the minor crisis of professional work and putting them in perspective of like my life, which is nice because they've known me for so long. And without that, I would be much more anxious."

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