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Kanye West attracts attention at party

Kanye West caused such a stir at a party that women tried to stand on a DJ booth to catch a glimpse of him.

The American rapper attended a party in Miami which was hosted by his girlfriend Kim Kardashian over the weekend.

The bash took place at the Delano nightclub and although Kanye tried to keep a low-profile, several fans were desperate to see him.

"Two leggy and very attractive females were heard trying to convince a member of security to let them stand on the raised DJ booth so they could look into Kim's cabana to see Kanye," a source laughed to New York Post.

Kanye was apparently keen to stay out of the limelight. Although Kim was happy to strut down the red carpet, he didn't accompany her.

Later in the evening the hip-hop star left the party to enjoy dinner with a friend.

Kim and Kanye have been virtually inseparable since they began dating earlier this year, with reports they are already planning to have a family together.

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