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Kanye West eager to inspire Tarantino

Kanye West hopes Quentin Tarantino will borrow ideas from his directorial debut.

The hip-hop star presented his 30 minute film at the Cannes Film Festival last night. It is called Cruel Summer and Kanye also produced and wrote it.

The picture was shown on seven screens inside a tent simultaneously. When one of the screens was projecting another might turn off, while different angles of scenes were also shown. Occasionally they acted as one, with the rapper explaining he thinks this is the future of cinema.

"I was very particular about having the screens separate, where your mind puts the screens back together, the way you put memories together," he explained, according to MTV. "I'm not the best director in the world, but I had an idea that I thought would be amazing to inspire people, like a dream of one day this being the way people watch movies. You know, [Quentin] Tarantino doing a movie like this or a horror movie like this, animation, 3D... in this form that surrounds you. People want to go back and see it more and more because they missed something to their left or to their right, and it feels more like the experience of life."

The movie stars new artist Kid Cudi as a man who steals vehicles, but then falls in love with a blind princess.

Cudi enjoyed watching himself on the big screen. "I'm happy that Kanye had me as part of it. It's so humbling. He's a genius, he's the best, the illest... you can quote me on that," he laughed.

Kanye is at the renowned movie event with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. They were spotted cuddling as they waited for ice cream yesterday.

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