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Kanye West ‘was a good improviser’

Kanye West was reportedly “a good improviser” when he filmed an HBO show with Allison Quinn in 2008.

The rapper appears in a newly discovered clip from an unnamed 2008 show commissioned by the US network that never made it to air.

Allison Quinn plays the supervisor of a Make-A-Wish child who has an awkward encounter with Kanye in the programme.

The actress thinks he did well.

"I thought he was a good improviser," she told MTV News. "I was impressed. Sometimes if people don't have a lot of improv experience, if they can't tell what direction something is going in, they just sort of give up. And he didn't.”

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star revealed that despite not being a professional thespian, Kanye put his all into the job.

He was excellent at taking direction and worked well with the rest of the cast.

“He kept tightening the scene as opposed to giving up on it,” she confessed. “He was a good listener and generous in that sometimes improvisers will just want to make it about what they're saying, so they're not really listening."

A four-minute clip of Kanye’s scene was recently taken down from Allison’s YouTube page due to copyright issues, despite it going unnoticed for about three years.

Allison’s praise came in spite of Kanye’s poor reputation with the public.

The rapper was caught on camera lashing out at a photographer last week, and ordering the paparazzo to leave him and everyone he knows alone.

However Allison still thinks of the rapper as a friendly character.

"I'm a fan," she said. "People either seem to really like him or really hate him."

Kanye has remained out of the spotlight more often as of late.

The rapper welcomed his first daughter with girlfriend Kim Kardashian on June 15.

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