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Sunday 20 April 2014

Kanye West’s finances ‘hurt’ by Kardashian union

Kanye West

Kanye West is reportedly not going to marry his pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian because his bottom line would significantly decrease should she be his wife.

The 35-year-old rapper and the 32-year-old reality star will welcome their first child together this summer.

Star magazine reports the Kardashian empire is financially flagging at the moment. Apparently the reality television family is living in a “financial death spiral” and struggling to make ends meet due to reckless spending.

Kanye is said to be uninterested in jeopardising his fortune for love.

“Kanye has real money. He won’t marry Kim because it would hurt his finances,” a source told Star.

It is said Kim pays top dollar for all of her luxuries.

Her opulent expenses add up quickly and money conscious Kanye wants to keep his bottom line high.

“Kim is a shopaholic! She spends $350,000 a month on her credit cards,” a source told the publication.

“She pays hundreds of thousands of dollars for designers to custom-make clothes for her, and she spent millions on Louis Vuitton handbags to match each outfit.”

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner manages the family and is largely credited for putting the Kardashians on the map.

It is believed there are plans in place to keep Kim in the green for a while after she gives birth.

“Kim and Kris are banking on a big payday for weight-loss endorsements, at least,” an insider said.

After battling in courts for two years Kim reached a divorce settlement with former husband Kris Humphries in April. She and the basketball player were married for only 72 days before Kim requested legal separation.

Kanye has yet to ask for Kim’s hand in marriage since the court’s official dissolution.

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