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Kanye’s ‘drug addict stepbrother’

Kanye West says his stepbrother had a serious drug problem when they were growing up.

The 36-year-old rapper recently spoke with Hot 97 DJs Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg about living with his sibling before he found fame.

In excerpts from the interview released Friday by MTV News, the Yeezus hitmaker recalled how his stepfather warned him not to loan money to his son, who suffered from a serious drug problem.

"I saved up all my money to get a sampler and I remember I had my stepbrother at the time, was living with him, and he told me like, 'Look, if you let me borrow this money, I'll give you $20 interest on it,’” Kanye recalled.

“But then when I was getting close to it, he wasn't really getting me the money back. I remember my stepfather had told me one time, 'Don't ever loan him anything'... Come to find out he's a crack head and I didn't know it."

The star also revealed he didn’t always want to be a rapper.

Long before the 2004 release of his first album, The College Dropout, he actually wanted to design video games. Instead, his interest helped him to discover his love for music.

"I had an Amiga computer when I was in seventh grade. I wanted to design video games on it and stuff and when I started doing the music for it I got really interested in particularly doing music. And I found out about sampling when I was 14,” he explained.

Kanye released his seventh album, Yeezus, in June.

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