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Kardashian 'death threats claim'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly going to file a police report alleging a man Kanye West punched made death threats against her.

The hip-hop star is under investigation for assault after he allegedly punched an 18-year-old man who got into an altercation with Kim in Beverly Hills yesterday.

It has been claimed the man uttered a racial slur at Kim, which left Kanye incensed when she told him about it. The teenager is said to have called Kim a "b***h" and a "n****r lover", with the rapper accused of hitting him in a chiropractor's office a short time afterwards. Kim was attempting to enter the medical building when the incident occurred.

Kim is now alleging death threats were made during the altercation, according to TMZ.

The website claims she will file a police reports claiming the 18-year-old shouted at her, "I will kill you sl*t." The reality TV star reportedly believes the man should be prosecuted for making criminal threats.

Initially the teenager was trying to help Kim get into the building, as her entrance was being blocked by a scrum of paparazzi. However, when attempting to commiserate with her about the photographers the man used racist and homophobic language, which Kim criticized him for. This is said to have angered him, resulting in him allegedly turning on her and spewing profanities.

Kim is said to have told her fiancé about what happened, after which he turned up in the chiropractor's waiting room and hit the teen.

The rapper is now suspected of criminal battery, with the Beverly Hills Police Department confirming he has been identified by the teenager and some other witnesses.

Kanye has reportedly already spoken to a lawyer about the incident.

The star has a notoriously troubled relationship with the paparazzi, having pleaded not guilty to a July attack on a photographer at a Los Angeles airport in November. He has also made it clear that he finds the intense intrusion into his life with Kim hard and wants to protect their baby daughter North as much as possible.

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