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Kardashians: We'll be on TV forever

Kim and Khloé Kardashian desire to be on TV long enough to be filmed in their future "old-folks home."

The sisters and reality show superstars are currently promoting the premiere of their seventh season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The dynamic Kardashian clan has several other spin-off TV programmes under their belts.

Khloé can't imagine life without cameras following her everywhere.

"I hope they'll want to film me in my old-folks home, where my kids will probably put me because I'll be too evil," Khloé told E! Online in a joint interview with Kim. "They'll be changing my diapers on television."

Kim isn't rushing to jump out of the spotlight either.

"We've always said we'll stop when it stops being fun," she explained. "We're having such a good time, so there's really no point stopping now."

"When we first signed on, we were just hoping people didn't think we were too crazy. But I think they are growing with us, whether they're rooting for us in a situation or they're loving seeing Kendall and Kylie grow up."

Kim signed a three-year renewal contract for her reality shows with E! network recently for a reported amount of $40 million.

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