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Kat Von D 'is celibate'

Kat Von D is "not really looking for a partner" right now.

The 29-year-old tattoo artist split from Sandra Bullock's ex husband Jesse James twice last year.

After their engagement was called off, several women from Jesse's past claimed that they had intercourse with him.

Kat was deeply impacted by that tragic relationship and doesn't want to repeat the pain she experienced.

"I am celibate so I am not really looking for a partner," Kat told OK! magazine. "I just feel like I am on a different path now, to be honest with you. But, it's more like respect and the way I perceive love and true love to be. It's very sacred and much bigger then sex."

Kat is open to love in the future. The star will look for a partner that she can feel comfortable with.

"I think to me its just always - I look at my friends and the qualities that I love about them is that they are just themselves, you know," she said.

Kat is currently working on a documentary, an album and a book which are all slated for release in 2013.

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