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Kate Beckinsale: Parenting is terrifying

Kate Beckinsale's daughter Lily berated her for saying "vagina" in a comedy sketch.

The British actress appeared in a skit for American video website Funny or Die earlier this year. In the sketch, called Republicans, Get In My Vagina! Kate delivered the line "Don't you want someone like your dad in your vagina?" much to the embarrassment of her teenage daughter.

"We very rarely say it!" Kate laughed when quizzed by the latest issue of UK magazine Glamour on using the word. "And my daughter, who's 13, would've been thrilled if I hadn't said it. [Adopts cringing voice] 'Did you have to say that? Now I have to go to school and beat everybody up.'"

Kate shares a strong bond with Lily, her daughter with former partner Michael Sheen.

The 38-year-old is well aware of the difficulties that come with raising a teenager, but she is happy her relationship with Lily has remained uncomplicated so far.

"She still likes me. People keep warning me that it's going to turn into a Vietnam situation, so I'm enjoying the fact it hasn't yet. I get the odd request, 'Can I dye my hair blue?', but I was the same," she laughed. "[Parenting is] terrifying. There's drugs, alcohol, sex, computer stuff we don't even know about."

Kate is close friends with Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria. She loves spending time with the pair, describing them as "fun and funny".

Although the brunette enjoys having a "big dinner" with her girlfriends, she loves nothing more than spending quality time with her husband, director Len Wiseman.

"But at the moment, time with my husband is a hot commodity!" Kate quipped.

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