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Kate Beckinsale transformed for fight scenes

Kate Beckinsale went from "vicious badass lethal killer" to "polite and girly" on the set of her new film.

The actress stars as Lori in the upcoming movie Total Recall, which is a remake of the iconic 1990 movie. Lori has two sides to her character and Kate was thrilled to be able to let off steam in the feisty role. Jessica Biel stars as Melina in the Les Wiseman-directed action film and the two characters are seen locking horns.

The filmmaker says seeing the two girls fighting on set was hilarious.

"I'll probably put this out on the DVD, but these girls are just kicking each other's asses and really brutal. We wanted to attack it. It was just a really vicious brawl, and in between the cuts, they both get so girly," he explained. "Right on 'cut.'

"There's plenty of times when Kate actually just nicked Jessica's nose or same thing with Jessica, and they immediately just go from these vicious badass lethal killers to immediately very apologetic and very polite and girly. It's great to see."

Len is proud of Kate's ability to portray such a tough character. The director - who is also married to the beauty - says Kate enjoyed the switchover from good to bad girl.

"It's fun for us as well. She's never done anything like that. So to be able to have some fun with playing a villain - and she had fun doing it too, because she's always like, 'You have to be so earnest when you're saving the world. Wow, you can actually just loosen up and just, the bad guys have more fun,'" Wiseman explained in an interview with MTV News.

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