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Kate Bosworth: 30s brought peace

Kate Bosworth remembers how lost she felt before turning 30.

The blonde actress keeps herself busy with work, and her latest horror offering, Amnesiac, sees her play a psychopath who holds a man she claims to be married to prisoner.

Unlike her troubled alter ego, Kate is content at 32 and puts it down to the strong females around her.

"I have such great women in my life, from my mom to my grandmother to my really good girlfriends, who I can share my life with, and it continues to grow. My step-daughter Jasper is 17 now, and I can't believe it. Now that I'm in my 30s - everyone says this - I feel more calm," she told "Now when I see Jasper, and she's just starting to get the wind in her sails... I know it's going to feel choppy for a bit, but that the smooth sailing is just over the horizon. It's hard to really know yourself through the trials and tribulations."

Jasper's father is Kate's husband Michael Polish, who directed Amnesiac. The pair have worked together on several occasions and Kate enjoys every moment of it as there's a sense of comfort in proceedings.

Although she's happy with her career, Kate has backed other actresses who have spoken about sexism in the industry. Patricia Arquette and Robin Wright are among those to be open about the issue, and Kate agrees it has to be discussed.

"I think it's something that hasn't been talked about properly. I'm certainly a feminist in the sense that I feel both genders should be treated equally," she explained. "One of the greatest attractions to this role is that there are very few of them out there, where women get to play the villain in a multilayered, interesting, intriguing, intelligent way. I mean, can you think of the last one?"

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